Roam motorhome back to front interior

A private bathroom whenever you need it

The Roam bath features an integrated shower and a cassette-style toilet, and eliminates the inconvenience and stress of trying to find a clean, accessible restroom while on the go.

Roam motorhome galley

Convenient galley for meals on the go

Designed with accessibility in mind, the galley includes a refrigerator, microwave and sink, plus an outlet for an induction cooktop, making it easy to bring along and prepare your favorite foods wherever you go.

Girl in a wheelchair using Roam motorhome exterior lift

Remote-controlled wheelchair lift for easy access

The Braun UVL wheelchair lift with wireless remote provides easy access into and out of the Roam, while integrated tie-downs secure the wheelchair and allow you to use it as another seat while you travel.

Roam motorhome front to back interior

Smart solutions make it easier to bring it all along

Cabinets and storage compartments are designed to provide easy access while seated, with specially crafted duffels for easier loading and unloading.