Go Where You Feel

For those seeking something else, the way out is there

Beyond the beaten path is a different kind of road. Sometimes it's dirt. Other times, stone. Maybe a river painted in roaring rapids or a clearing between two pines. Follow it. It leads to more than a destination. To places you don't just find, but somehow find you. Where salt kicked from the sea, and crumbled leaves under a canopy of trees, and a cliffslide lookout across technicolor valleys are things you feel deeper than touch. And sight. And sound. Unlike conditioned air and laminate floors, they feel different. They feel real. So you can feel something real within you, too.



For Any path you choose to follow


Discover the Revel

Capable of trekking any path, the Revel gets you there comfortably, so you can test the limits of that comfort.


Check out the Solis

Pop up something better than a tent in the great outdoors with the Solis – a cozy escape from the night before another morning of togetherness.

Micro Minnie FLX

Explore the Micro Minnie FLX

Find belonging in the places we didn't always belong with the Micro Minnie FLX, a towable escape from the elements after a long day of braving them.


Learn more about the EKKO

Discover a place you truly feel one with yourself in the EKKO, suited for any cast off the grid and into the places where harmony is easy to find.

HIKE 100

winnebago hike 100 travel trailer exterior

Change the scenery and your point of view with the rugged, easily towed HIKE 100.


Your Journey Begins here

Whatever destination is next, no vehicle on earth can get you there more comfortably than the Journey – and keep you there as long as the feeling lasts.

Your Path Out is Waiting

From travel trailers to camper vans to RVs fit for a family, Winnebago unlocks the world beyond the beaten path. Whatever feeling you chase, build the perfect Winnebago to make your journey capable and comfortable.