RV More for Less with Winnebago’s GoLife Perks Program
Learn how one couple is using the membership to camp more in new places!

By: Brian & Becca Roy

You just purchased your Winnebago, so now what? A great start would be signing up for the Winnebago GoLife Perks program to receive discounts on popular RV camping memberships, gear, and more.

Signing up for this discounts membership is a breeze and can be done by visiting the GoLife Perks page on Winnebago’s website. Within a few days of filling out the form to sign up for the GoLife Perks program, you are sent your member information via a confirmation email along with instructions for how to utilize the discounted perks. 

Getting signed up for the program proved to be quicker and easier than backing up the camper with a spotter! For most of the discounts, you will simply receive a coupon code to input at checkout to redeem the offer included with your GoLife Perks membership.

Top Benefits of Signing Up for GoLife Perks

The GoLife Perks program is beneficial for both new and seasoned Winnebago owners because you get Winnebago-specific perks, such as a 10% discount on parts and accessories at the Winnebago Factory Service Center and an additional 20% savings on WinnebagoOutdoor.com apparel and camp-ware. You also receive discounts on premium roadside assistance as well as 10% off Winnebago tire and wheel protection.

In addition to the Winnebago-specific perks, you also get access to campground memberships at discounted rates from 20% to 100% off. As we mentioned in our previous article, one of the benefits that comes with the GoLife perks membership is a free KOA Rewards membership for new KOA Rewards members. 

Getting Started with Our GoLife Perks Membership

We took immediate advantage of the additional GoLife Perks membership savings and were able to connect to Passport America through the welcome literature that was sent via email. This shaved 25% off a three-year membership!

After completing our discounted membership purchase through the Passport America website, we were able to make reservations immediately and start saving at rates of up to and over half off at select campgrounds. (There is also an option to call Passport America to set up your membership using your GoLife Perks discount code.)

In addition to signing up for Passport America, we signed up for Harvest Hosts and saved 50% off a classic membership. After completing our membership purchase through Harvesthosts.com (using a coupon code to receive our discount), we are now able to make reservations and start planning our next adventure.

Ways to Save with GoLife Perks

  • KOA: GoLife Perks members can now get a free KOA Membership through GoLife Perks. (New memberships only at this time.)
    • This allows you to immediately start saving by accruing points for future trips as well as booking access to any of the more than 500 campgrounds nationwide.
  • CampScanner: 20% off the cost of a new CampScanner subscription available for new members who are not current Harvest Host members.
    • For those of you who feel as though you never get lucky enough to secure a reservation at popular parks, CampScanner can help you get reservations to sold out campgrounds in national and state parks and national forests.
  • Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome: 50% off a Harvest Hosts classic plan, or 25% Boondockers Welcome plan or combo membership for the first two years.
    • For campers interested in getting off the grid and finding unique spots to get away for a day or two, Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome provides access to wineries, breweries, farms and more where you can spend the day and enjoy the scenery/attraction right there on site. Learn more about camping with Harvest Hosts, in this article.
  • Passport America: 25% off a Passport America membership.
    • Passport America is one of the nation’s largest discount clubs giving members 50% off at participating campgrounds and parks across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. (Read this article for more about the membership.)
  • CampersCard: 20% off the retail price of CampersCard.
    • CampersCard not only gets you discounts on camping fees but also some exclusive perks at participating campgrounds as well as other travel deals, such as discounts on theme parks, entertainment, and camping gear.
  • Ultimate Camping Network: Discounted membership rate for GoLife Perks members.
    • Ultimate Camping Network members can save up to 60% on camping fees at more than 165 resorts in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Winnebago Outdoor Adventures: Provides discounts on guided caravans and rallies by Fantasy RV Tours for Winnebago owners.
    • Interested in connecting with fellow Winnebago campers? This is a great option to find a unique experience and the opportunity to make new friends along the way. Read this article for more insights.
  • Brit Stops is available for overseas RVing with 18% off the subscription for the first year for camping locations in the UK.
  • RV Gear: Lastly, there are discounts on EcoFlow products as well as savings through the Michelin Tire Advantage Program. Plus, a savings at the Winnebago Factory Service Center store in Forest City, Iowa, and on Winnebago apparel.

We are planning our longest trip yet, which will include multiple stops and span over a week as we travel up the east coast from Florida to New England. Thanks to the discounted memberships through the GoLife Perks Program and the savings we get at these campgrounds, we have more to spend towards activities, while making sure we pick up the gear to look good! 

If you have any questions about using your GoLife Perks membership, you can reach out to the team directly at [email protected].


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