Top 5 Benefits of Getting Service Done at the Winnebago Factory
Learn the perks of taking your Winnebago motorhome to the experts in Forest City, Iowa.

By: GoLife Staff

Do you need to schedule maintenance or repairs for your Winnebago motorhome? Although your local Winnebago dealer’s service center should be able to handle most of your service needs, many owners prefer the expert knowledge and convenience available at the Winnebago Factory Service Center in Forest City, Iowa.

In this article, we’ll share the many benefits of getting work done at the Winnebago Factory Service Center. Read this article to learn how to make an appointment, best practices for your visit, RV camping at the service center, and what to expect during your appointment.

Here are the top reasons Winnebago motorhome owners choose to use the Winnebago Factory Service Center:

1.  Parts are Readily Available

Winnebago manufactures the vast majority of the parts used in its coaches. This means the parts you need are likely available on-site when getting your motorhome worked on at the Winnebago Factory. 

If you call ahead to make your appointment, the team can make sure all the parts needed for your repair are on hand before you arrive. Plus, you can receive a cost and time estimate.

However, even for walk-in, non-appointments, it usually only takes a few hours for the service team to gather the parts. In comparison, other service departments may take multiple days or weeks to order and receive the parts.

2. All Technicians are Winnebago Experts

The service staff and technicians at the Winnebago Factory have advanced Winnebago-specific knowledge as well as direct access to the product engineers if additional help is needed. 

You also get direct access to the technicians during your service appointment. You will be assigned a technician upon arrival who will go over your work order before taking your motorhome in. They will also go over all the work they have done when returning your RV at the end of the day, which allows you to get direct answers to questions. 

3. You Can Usually Camp in Your RV Each Night!

As long as your service appointment does not involve more advanced repairs (like water or body damage), you will be able to have your motorhome returned to you each night for you to sleep in. There is even a service center campground and other camping options available for customers. 

Sites include 50-amp electric hookups and on the Rally Grounds there is a water fill-up (through September) and dump station as well.

4. Service is Often Quicker at the Factory

Due to the availability of parts and expert knowledge, service can often be completed much quicker when taking your Winnebago motorhome to the factory in Forest City. When calling ahead, you can give a list of everything you’d like worked on so that the team can be prepared for your appointment. 

5. There are Bonus Perks to Using the Winnebago Factory Service Center

In addition to the high level of expertise and better access to parts, the Winnebago Factory Service Center offers some additional perks to owners that make the trip even more worthwhile:

  • Parts & Accessories Discount: Winnebago owners who have signed up for the GoLife Perks membership receive a 10% discount on parts and accessories at the Winnebago Factory Service Center in Forest City, IA. Merchandise from the Winnebago Visitor Center retail store is also available at a 10% discount. 
    • Note: Be sure to secure your GoLife Perks membership at least 30 days before your appointment to receive the discount. This membership also includes a discount on EcoFlow Products and Michelin Tires!
  • Winnebago Visitor Center & Factory Tour: While getting service done, one way to fill your time is to visit the Winnebago Visitor Center where you can learn more about Winnebago’s history and see memorabilia. For a deeper dive, sign up for a free Winnebago Factory Tour to get a behind-the-scenes look at how Winnebago’s motorhomes are made.
  • YMCA Day Pass: While having service done, a YMCA Day Pass is also available for owners whose coaches are in the service bay. The YMCA is only about a mile away from the service center, so it is still convenient for anyone who travels without a towed vehicle. 
  • Large Waiting Room: While waiting for your RV, you can also enjoy the comfortable sitting area inside the service center which is pet friendly and has free wi-fi as well as a coffee station.
  • EcoFlow Energy Solution Products for Sale: The Winnebago Factory Service Center now has EcoFlow products available for purchase. EcoFlow is an eco-friendly energy solution company with industry-defining portable power stations, solar technology, and various smart devices. GoLife Perks members receive 10% off all EcoFlow products (one use per customer).
  • Outfit Your Revel: The Winnebago Factory Service Center now offers installation of off-road upgrade products that can be added to your Winnebago Revel. Learn more here.
  • Test Ride an E-Bike: At the service center store, there are Blaupunkt folding e-bikes for sale that you can even try out before you buy!

After your service has been completed, we hope you also get a chance to enjoy exploring Winnebago’s hometown of Forest City and the surrounding area! Pilot Knob State Park is a favorite of visitors.

If you have any questions before or after your appointment, please call the service team at (866) 311-7133. Please note: The Winnebago Factory Service Center only does work on Winnebago Motorhomes. For towable owners, the closest Winnebago Towable servicing dealer to the factory is Bish’s RV in Urbana, IA. For Grand Design RVs, the closest servicing dealer is Goodlife RV in Webster City, IA.


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