Gadgets & Apps to Stay Connected While Camping Off-Grid
Gear for getting cell service, finding campsites, and more.

By: Austin & Kirsten Lawrence (@adv4two)

Ready to hit the unpaved road? We are sharing all the gadgets and apps that we have found to be fast, effective, and trustworthy during our off-grid camping adventures. Venturing into nature without relying on traditional amenities such as electricity, running water, or established campsites can be a huge turn-off for many RVers. However, with the proper planning and equipment, anyone can unplug for a weekend. 

Having everything you need before camping off-grid is crucial for safety, comfort, and preparedness. It ensures you have adequate food, water, shelter, navigation tools, first aid supplies, and communication devices to handle any unforeseen circumstances effectively. It also minimizes risks and allows you to fully enjoy your camping adventures without worrying about missing the traditional essentials.

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Gear for Getting Cell Service While Off-Grid

Adventuring off-grid where cellular signals are typically absent can be frustrating. Whether camping in the North Carolina mountains or Cape Lookout National Seashore, we have found ourselves with very limited service and sometimes no signal at all. We all rely on our phones for a lot of information these days, with weather and navigation being the big ones. 

After being caught in the path of a thunderstorm while off-grid with no signal for any warning, we decided it was time for a change. There were a lot of things to consider. But, after doing a bunch of research, as well as deciding if we wanted a monthly subscription or just something we could purchase and use at our own discretion, we found weBoost. Adding the weBoost Drive Reach Signal Booster has been a perfect addition for our off-grid adventures. No subscription or monthly plans are involved, just plug and play. 

This device works by “boosting” a current signal or even a faint signal. It is important to note that it will not create a signal; only boost the faint signal you have.

Learn more about getting signal and internet when RVing off-grid, in this article.

Our Go-To Navigation Gadget

Navigation is another hefty tool that we rely on heavily while planning and traveling. There are so many brands for gadgets and apps out there, it can get overwhelming. Our go-to choice for navigation is the Garmin Overlander. Its user-friendly software, large display screen, and removable base make it easy to program coordinates or addresses on the go. 

Garmin designed the Overlander for those who take the path less traveled, meaning it will continue to guide you to your destination even if you lose your signal. Amazing, right? There are so many other features within the Overlander for those that are interested in speed, elevation, tilt, compass, and so much more. We can even watch YouTube on it to keep up on the newest content from all of the Winnebago ambassadors.

Finding Off-Grid Camping with iOverlander

Camping apps are a great way to plan quick getaways in a moment’s notice. We have found that we use iOverlander the most. Within the category filter, you can find everything you may need while on the road or planning a trip. There are also options for dropping a pin for places where you’ve been or sharing locations with others. Those spur-of-the-moment, “let’s go camping” days play out nicely with the iOverlander app due to it including local camping areas or off-grid locations that we didn’t even know existed in our own state or elsewhere.

Using the Winnebago App to Stay on Top of RV Maintenance

We also use the Winnebago app which comes in handy for several reasons. First, you are able to input the make and model of your Winnebago, so that information will be stored at your fingertips and is able to be accessed even if your camper isn’t nearby. 

The app also has several maintenance checklists to utilize: Pre-Trip, Monthly, 3-6 Month, Yearly, and Winnebago Recommended. These checklists have a block you can check off when the task is done and allows the list to be cleared so it can be used again. 

Need to find a dealer or service center? Just click on the app. If you need support, you’re also able to talk with Customer Care or send them a message. 

The Lithionics – Li3 Battery is another highly used app for all the stats for our Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX. This gives us the ability to check all of the Winnebago HIKE’s charging systems and current times of charging that it needs with one click. What will they think of next?

Bonus: An App to Compare & Save on Fuel

With gas prices being unpredictable these days, GasBuddy is another app we use regularly to check the prices of fuel while traveling to our next off-grid camping location. This app lets you compare all prices within your path. You are able to check the distance from your current location to the station and get directions if it’s not on your current path. 

We are also Point Perk members with Shell, and there’s so many other ways to save on fuel these days. Every little bit counts while traveling and why not save when it’s so easy?

These are some of the gadgets and apps that we have found to make our travels more enjoyable and less difficult. However, it doesn’t matter if you have fancy gadgets and equipment or just the basic necessities, the point is to get out and enjoy time in nature!

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