How to Save on RV Tires with GoLife Perks & the Michelin Advantage Program
This discount, offered only to Winnebago owners, can save you hundreds!

By: Kenny & Sabrina Phillips

Buying tires is something all RVers will need to do at some point, and this is our second time purchasing a set of tires for our Winnebago Vista. RV tires can be expensive, but Winnebago’s GoLife Perks membership offers substantial savings. 

With GoLife Perks, an RVer discount program offered exclusively to Winnebago owners, we have access to the Michelin Advantage Program. This allows us to get discounted pricing on tires made by Michelin and select sizes of BFGoodrich. This is our second time using the program and it still works just as well as before. (Note: If you’ve also used this program before, there have recently been updates to the Michelin Advantage website.) 


In this article, I’ll share about how I saved hundreds of dollars by using my GoLife Perks membership to buy tires. Plus, I will share a tip that could have saved me even more if I had only taken the time to research a bit further!

Why We Wanted New Tires Now

Our Winnebago Vista 27N had just reached 130,000 miles and it was time for us to purchase another set of tires. We probably could have stretched these tires for a few more miles, but we were heading into Mexico where we would be traveling about 1,000 miles in Baja to go whale watching on a Fantasy RV Tour.

We thought it was best to replace our tires and go on the trip with a fresh set. Also, by changing out our tires we were able to keep the best tire out of our previous set as a spare for our time in Baja, Mexico. We luckily did not end up needing a spare, but we were prepared just in case. (I’ll share more about that Baja trip in an upcoming article, but you can check out a previous RV trip to Mexico here.)

Not sure if it is time for your tires to be replaced? Learn more tips for RV tire replacement, care, and maintenance here. Plus, this article offers some additional tips for picking the best RV tires.

Why I Prefer Michelin Tires

It is my belief that Michelin tires are the best out there for our RV. They offer a quiet, comfortable ride and provide excellent grip in wet weather. I have always liked Michelin tires and actually search them out over other brands, so it works out well that the GoLife Perks membership includes the Michelin Advantage Program discount.

Over the years, I have used several other tire brands and find the Michelin brand to be the superior choice for our RV and other vehicles, but you do not have to take my word for it. Michelin tires have ranked number one for twenty years in a row by JD Power. Read more.  

Using the Michelin Advantage Program Through the GoLife Perks Membership

Our first step in getting new tires with the Michelin Advantage Program was to pull up the instructions PDF we received as GoLifer Perks members. (If you have not signed up for a GoLife Perks membership yet, you can do so using the form at the bottom of the page.)

You will need to determine your desired tire size next. Then, using the dealer locator, you will be able to find the closest participating Michelin Advantage Program dealer to replace your tires. There are a ton to choose from! We live in a small town and when I searched our area for dealers, over 25 of them popped up within a one-hundred-mile radius. So, I had plenty of places to choose from. 

Once I found the dealer, I emailed Winnebago at [email protected] to ask them for the Michelin Advantage Program account number (as noted in the instructions). I needed to provide my name and GoLife Perks membership number (formerly known as the WIT Club number).

Purchasing Discounted RV Tires from Michelin

Once I had the account number, I then called the dealer to confirm that they were still part of the Michelin Advantage Program and let them know I was going to be using the program to purchase the tires. Once they confirmed that was okay, I then called Michelin at 1-888-532-6435 to register my credit card with them. 

This needs to be done because you’re technically buying the tires directly from Michelin, even though the dealer is going to be placing the order for you. Once you register your credit card with Michelin, you have thirty days to purchase the tires. 

I then called the dealer back and let them know I was ready to purchase the tires. With the tire size on hand, they helped me choose the best tire for our Vista - which was the Michelin Agilis HD Z. The dealer gave me what their price would be for the tire and let me know what the discounted price with program was. (Important Note: When ordering the tires just be sure to use the same credit card that you registered with Michelin. If you do not, you will not get the discounted price.)

We saved about $42 dollars per tire – multiply that by six and we saved more than $250 for our set! This single purchase paid for our GoLife Perks membership six times over. 

With the tires ordered, we were able to schedule an appointment with the dealer. When the tires came in, we brought our RV in for the service, and the dealer helped us pick out the best tire for a spare then disposed of the others. 

Save EVEN MORE on Tires by Using the Discount For Your Other Vehicles Also!

In the beginning of this article, I had mentioned that select BFGoodrich tires are part of the program as well. I recently bought new BFGoodrich KO2 tires for my Jeep Wrangler. They are an all-terrain tire that I did not realize was part of the program and I did not know I could use my GoLife Perks discount multiple times throughout the year. 

However, I found out there is no limit on how many times you use the Michelin Advantage Program, and I could have saved an additional $30 per tire on my Jeep. My loss is hopefully a lesson learned for you and maybe you can save extra on your next set of tires for your tow vehicle or other vehicles you need new tires for as well!

To learn more about GoLife Perks and the benefits of joining, click here. The program quickly pays for itself, and I will certainly be using the Michelin Advantage Program more in the future. In fact, I am going to go look at Sabrina’s car now and see if she needs new tires …

Take care and safe travels!


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