Revel Roof Mods Video for Adventure Gear & More!
See how the Holcombes load up the roof space of their van.

By: Peter & Kathy Holcombe

As we meet new people throughout our travels, there are two questions that consistently arise: “where is your favorite place?” and “what is all that stuff on your roof?” The first question is almost impossible to answer. Our favorite place is different depending on who you ask, where we’ve just been, what time of year it is, etc. 

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the Colorado Kayak Tour, a series of four kayak competitions in various mountain towns across Colorado during the month of June. The Vail Mountain GoPro Games is the hallmark event, drawing international paddlers.

For Abby, domestically, it’s Colorado in the summer. She loves the people, the mountain culture and most importantly…the kayaking. As for international travel, she spent her 18th birthday sailing through the Greek Isles, and it is forever stamped in her heart as a favorite. 

Abby taking in the sunset during a week spent sailing the Greek Isles in 2022.

Peter definitely favors the desert Southwest in the fall and spring. He loves the vastness, the landscape, and the infinite number of dirt roads to explore. Internationally, it is hard for him to choose, but Norway and Iceland are at the top of the list. He loves the scenery, the kayaking, and the spirit of adventure of the Scandinavian people. (See more about our RV trip through Europe.)

Peter exploring a long dirt road just outside of Moab, UT.

As for me, my favorite place is wherever my family is, preferably someplace as far into the wilderness as possible, the more remote the better. It doesn’t really matter where, as long as my favorite people are with me. As far as international travel is concerned, Croatia is at the top of my list because of the people and the beautiful islands that punctuate the coast - perfect for week-long kayak trips. 

The Holcombe family taking in the view of Lake Powell.

But ask us again next year, and we may all have a very different response. That’s the great thing about travel - you are constantly exposed to new and wonderful people and places that might just take the top honor as a new favorite place.

As for the second question, “what is all that stuff on your roof?”, it’s a little more complicated. So, we thought it would be easier to show you in person exactly what we have on our roof, where we store everything, and how we get it all up there. 

Check out this video about what’s on the roof of our Winnebago Revel. Enjoy!


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