Top Winnebago + Adventure Wagon Mods for Extended Boondocking, Storage & Comfort
See van life additions from a young traveler and professional athlete.

By: Abby Holcombe

I have been traveling full-time in a Winnebago since I was 10 years old with my parents, Peter and Kathy Holcombe. For those who know my dad, you know that he is a gear head, and his love for gear and rugged outdoor accessories has definitely transferred over into our life on wheels. 

His beloved Winnebago Revel is dressed from head to toe with tires, lights, roof racks, boxes, and so many other things that go way beyond my knowledge of vehicles and vehicle accessories when he excitedly shows them off to me. This blog post with video gives a look into some of what my dad has done to modify his Revel.

As a young girl, I never understood the draw of van mods and accessories, but that all changed when I got my own van, the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon. Even though I am not mechanically inclined in the slightest, I now find myself dreaming of all of the van mod potential.
I love thinking about the ways I can rearrange the customizable interior to better fit my kayaks and kayaking gear, the exterior lights I can add, and, of course, the potential to make my van fit for a 19-year-old girl, by adding more disco ball twinkly lights, succulents, or other splurges to make my van cute enough to match my teenage aesthetic.
Here are all of the van modifications I’ve made in the first five months of living out of the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon to best fit my needs as a teen, solo traveler, and professional athlete.

1. Roof Rack by Summit

Abby’s van parked in front of gorgeous Colorado snow-capped mountains. Her side ladder and roof rack are also visible.

The very first van modification I made was adding a roof rack and light bar from Black River by Summit Products. I have a side ladder to access my roof rack and I’ve been able to load up to six kayaks on my roof (and have room for more if necessary).

This winter, I hope to build out a standing platform to be able to load boats with more ease, but all in all I’m really happy with my roof rack.

My light bar was wired into my dash, and with the flip of a button I can illuminate the darkest environments. I specifically like how I can park my van next to a river and use the light bar to allow me to train at night, if desired.

2. EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable A/C (+ Vent)

Abby keeps her EcoFlow Wave 2 in-between the seats in the cab of her Adventure Wagon.

I’m currently in Columbus, Georgia, training for the 2023 ICF Freestyle Kayaking World Championships in October. Saying that the Georgia heat is intense would be a major understatement.

Before I drove south this year in preparation for the World Championships, I wanted to find a solution to combat the heat that was easy to install as a 19-year-old girl that isn’t very mechanically adept. 

When I stumbled across the EcoFlow Wave 2, I knew it was the solution for me. I like how I didn’t have to cut into the roof of my van, but it still has the same cooling capacity as a traditional RV roof-top A/C unit.

Note: GoLife Perks members receive 10% off all EcoFlow products (one use per customer).

The EcoFlow Wave 2 window exhaust adapter in action from the outside.

Using the EcoFlow Wave 2 along with the Terrawagen Eco Vent Window Exhaust Adapter from Nomadic Supply company has been a total game changer for living and sleeping in the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon in the summer heat.

I like how the window adapter allows the Wave 2 to vent properly while keeping my van secure from the outside. It is imperative to keep weather, people, spiders, etc. outside!

3. EcoFlow Delta Pro Smart Extra Battery & Portable Solar Panel

Abby’s battery system freshly installed in her Winnebago + Adventure Wagon before she loaded her gear and kayaks back inside the van.

I recently installed the EcoFlow Delta Pro Smart Extra Battery and EcoFlow Portable 400w Solar Panel to give me the battery capacity to spend more time in wild and remote places.

With the standard battery system that comes with the Winnebago + Adventure Wagon, I was able to support my power demand for four days before I needed to plug in the van and recharge with normal everyday use. 

The extra battery has doubled the amount of time I can boondock before needing to plug in, and I’m excited to see how much longer I can stretch my battery capacity when using the portable solar panel to recharge.

(Remember, GoLife Perks members receive 10% off all EcoFlow products (one use per customer). Learn more about EcoFlow products here.)

4. Mods for Comfort and Organization

Shoe Storage

I was looking forward to moving into my van for many reasons, but as a young girl, the prospect of being able to travel with many pairs of shoes was very exciting. Living as a family of three in the Revel definitely limited how many shoes I could travel with, and I often only had the choice between running shoes or flip flops.

Abby’s shoe storage bin stowed in front of the passenger seat.

Once I moved out, I made sure I had enough pairs of shoes for any situation I might find myself in (I like to call my collection of shoes my rebellious teenage era). When perusing the Container Store looking for organizational tools, I stumbled across the wicker basket of my dreams that fits seamlessly in the cab of my Winnebago + Adventure Wagon and was the perfect place to store my shoes. 

I like how this basket fits in-between the base of the seat and the dash to make moving to and from the cab easy, or between the two seats to allow a passenger more foot room. 

Kitchen Storage

I also found this shelf divider in the Container Store, that is the perfect size for my  kitchen cabinet. I use this to organize my cookware, food storage containers, bowls, and plates. 

A wide picture of how Abby has customized and organized the interior of her Winnebago + Adventure Wagon.

Minimalist Trash Can 

I found this little trash can on Amazon and it clips onto the cabinet that the toilet stows into perfectly. I like how it is sleek, contains my trash, and doesn’t take up much space. This is the perfect trash can solution for one person.

Space Heater

I purchased a space heater off of Amazon earlier this year. It does draw quite a bit of power, but is a great option when plugged in to shore power. I like how it doesn’t take up much space but heats the van quickly.

(Note: There is always a risk in using a space heater. If you plan to do so please be careful, read the instructions, and learn how to safely use one in an RV.)

Disco Ball Lights

I absolutely love my disco ball twinkle lights strung around the inside of my van. They are powered off of AA batteries and I like how they illuminate the van without drawing power off of my EcoFlow batteries.

Well, it turns out I might be just as into van tools and accessories as my dad. I hope this article was helpful to anyone else planning to move into and customize their own Winnebago + Adventure Wagon


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User commented on October 24, 2023 12:45 PM
Abby, you are amazing. You are so creative and ingenious. Be safe and happy travels!! Sue Sue
User commented on October 25, 2023 3:43 AM
Abby, You couldn't make your dad more proud. Great job, and we will have a blast looking at van mods at the next Overland Expo. Papa Pedro
User commented on October 25, 2023 11:25 PM
Great mods Abby! Come visit us sometime on your travels. -Hannah
User commented on November 16, 2023 7:45 PM
I don't see a link for the Minimalist Trash Can, and the suspense is killing me.
User commented on December 4, 2023 8:01 PM
Here is the link:
User commented on November 19, 2023 11:58 PM
Great and helpful write-up! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your adventures!
User commented on January 31, 2024 12:58 AM
Great write up. Does the Ecoflow power the exhaust fan, usb ports, and lights or are they wired to the chassis battery?