Meet Winnebago’s Ambassadors!
Look out for exciting content from these RV enthusiasts this year.

By: GoLife Staff

We are excited to introduce Winnebago’s ambassadors. These adventure-loving RVers will be sharing their travels and tips with you here on the blog, on the Winnebago YouTube channel, and on their various social media platforms, including Instagram. Some of them may already look familiar to you, but we wanted to formally introduce everyone. 

Read more about each ambassador below and find out how to follow along with their travels. Of course, we will also share content from other members of the Winnebago owner community and internal team, but these are the faces you will see most often on our blog, social media, and at shows!

Winnebago Ambassadors

The Fit RV: James & Stef Adinaro 
Winnebago EKKO 

Some of Winnebago’s very first ambassadors, James and Stef have owned two Winnebagos — first a one-of-a-kind bright yellow Travato, and currently an equally unique EKKO, the very first one! 

They’ve been involved in many special projects for Winnebago over the years, like the original National Park Foundation Travato tour, new product launches (Revel, Travato with lithium batteries, Solis, etc.), and even an appearance on Ellen. Their website, The Fit RV, works to promote a healthy and active RV lifestyle, but not just for you, for your RV as well. 

Follow James and Stef @TheFitRV on Facebook and Instagram for tips to keep your RV – and yourself – fit! 

Read more from James and Stef:

Traveling Robert: Robert Morales 
Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX 

Robert and his wife Ily are Cuban born and Floridians by choice. They share their RV travel stories producing inspiring, informative, and entertaining travel videos, enjoying the journey as much as the destination, sampling the local cuisine, visiting the main attractions and off-the-beaten-path locations. In 2014, they acquired a small Winnebago travel trailer to explore the United States of America and beyond. 

@TravelingRobert on YouTube, Instagram, and all other social media platforms.

See more from Robert:

Famagogo: Peter & Kathy Holcombe 
Winnebago Revel 

Peter and Kathy sold their home in Boulder, Colorado, in 2014 and have been traveling full-time in Winnebago RVs ever since. They are currently on a quest to take their Winnebago Revel around the world and have already traveled to 50 states, six Canadian provinces, and more than 30 countries. 

You can follow along on their adventures on their websiteYouTube, and Instagram: @PeterHolcombe

Read more from Peter and Kathy:

Newstate Nomads: Katelyn & Howard Newstate 
Winnebago Vista NPF

Howard and Katelyn Newstate have proven that nothing is off limits in their five years of full-time travel. The Newstate Nomads showcase major destinations around the globe on their YouTube channel, helping fellow explorers plan trips and live like a local wherever they go. 

Traveling over 80,000 miles across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in their Winnebago Navion 24D, they spent 125 straight days boondocking in 2020 alongside their three dogs, Piper and Ella (puggle sisters), and Scout (their rescue pup from Mexico). In 2023, the Newstates focused their travels on the national parks, spending part of their journey in a Winnebago Vista NPF.

You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

Read more from Katelyn and Howard:

Moving Forward Adventures: Kenny & Sabrina Phillips 
Winnebago Vista 

Kenny and Sabrina, along with their small dog Belle, have been traveling in their Winnebago Vista LX 27N for more than six years – five of those full-time.

Sabrina is a Pulmonary/Critical Care Physician and for those five years of full-timing, they used the RV to travel from hospital to hospital going to where she was needed most. Sabrina has a passion for learning and is currently learning Spanish with the goal of becoming fluent.

Kenny is co-creator and co-host of Beyond The Wheel Podcast, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the RV industry and highlights the people behind some of your favorite RV products, campgrounds, and services. He also enjoys the outdoors and you can usually find him out on his bike or taking a hike with Belle.

Follow along on YouTube and Instagram: @MovingForwardAdventures

Read more from Kenny and Sabrina:

Supercharged Camper: Brian & Becca Roy 
Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX

Brian and Becca Roy live in the sunny state of Florida where they have the privilege of camping all year round! They never venture out without their three fluffy camp-anions: Penny the corgi, Sigmund the German Shepherd, and Stella the camping kitty! 

Towing exclusively with electric vehicles, they are always amped up for their next adventure, where their Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX will serve as their home away from home.

Follow along @SuperchargedCamper on Instagram and Facebook.

Read more from Brian and Becca:

Adv4Two: Austin & Kirsten Lawrence 
Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX

Austin and Kirsten Lawrence live on the beautiful OBX of North Carolina. They love the great outdoors and enjoy hiking, trail riding, and adventuring off-grid with their Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX 1316SB model. 

Their adventures in the HIKE 100 FLX started in June 2022, and they have enjoyed the versatility of this small camper. While not out adventuring, Austin is a supervisor at a local company and Kirsten is a small business owner who works from home. They have two adult sons proudly serving in the USAF and traveling the world.

Follow along on YouTube, Instagram, and on Facebook (Adv4two and Winnebago Hike 100 Campsite).

Read more from Austin and Kirsten:

Adventurous.Miss: Abby Holcombe 
Winnebago + Adventure Wagon

Abby is a 20-year-old World Champion Kayaker who grew up traveling the world with her parents (fellow ambassadors, Peter & Kathy) in a Winnebago. She has lived in Winnebago RVs for almost half of her life and doesn’t know anything other than life on the road. 

Now that Abby is an adult, she is embarking on her own solo adventures around the world in her very own Winnebago.

Learn more on her website, and follow along on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok: @adventurous.miss.

Read more from Abby:

Dom Carson 
Winnebago Micro Minnie 

Dom is an adventure elopement photographer and outdoor enthusiast based in Alberta, Canada. Dom and her family do it all: hiking, backpacking, trailer and tent camping, fishing, hunting, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and a lot of meandering down trails with their toddler. 

Dom frequently takes solo adventures with her daughter and dogs and hopes to inspire other young families to get outside together. 
Learn more on her blog, and follow along on Instagam: @domcarson

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Amy Jane David
Winnebago HIKE 100 FLX 

Amy is a professional big mountain skier spending the majority of her time in the backcountry. She travels to remote and beautiful places seeking deep snow and stunning landscapes on skis and snowmobiles while documenting the adventure through photography, writing, and film. She was recently featured in Teton Gravity Research’s film Magic Hour and has been published on the pages of Backcountry Magazine, Freeskier, and the Adventure Journal. During the warmer months, Amy is a backpacking guide, mountain biker, and leads women’s outdoor adventure retreats. With a deep-rooted family history in the Wyoming mountains, Amy loves traveling to wild places off grid surrounded by mountains and filled with adventure.

Amy is traveling in the HIKE 100 FLX towed behind her F150 3.5L Ecoboost truck. She base camps out of the towable for off-grid camping across the western U.S. In the summer, Amy travels to mountain bike, backpack, hike, and seek out refreshing watering holes. In the winter, Amy skis and snowmobiles. The HIKE 100 FLX enables off road travel to wild and remote landscapes and has plenty of room to haul gear, charge camera equipment, and seek refuge from the elements. 

Follow along with Amy on Instagram: @AmyJaneDavid

Noel Fleming & Chris Miller 
Winnebago EKKO 

Noel and Chris are retired teachers who have been living full time on the road since July 2019. Their journeys take them to national parks, small towns, big cities, and any quirky detours in between.  Meetups and rallies are favorite anchor points along the way. People and places are the perfect pairing for their RV adventures!

Follow along on Instagram: @chrisandnoel

Read more from Noel and Chris:

Donna & Greg Schultz 
Winnebago Travato 

Donna and Greg Schultz have been Winnebago Travato owners since early 2015. They are currently on their seventh, having owned a 2015G, 2016G, 2017.5K, 2019K, 2020.5KL-NP, 2022KL, and currently a 2023KL. Greg has been a member of the Travato Owners and Wannabees FB group since it started and was an admin on the group for the first five years.

He makes many “mods” to each of their Travatos, some of which have been adopted and made standard by Winnebago, and Donna has been the driving force behind many of them. Greg spends a lot of time helping owners and wannabees by answering questions on the FB group. Donna and Greg put more than 25,000 miles on their Travatos each year driving to meetups and rallies all over the country.

Read more about Greg and Donna in this profile piece.

Kathleen Hanson
Winnebago Travato

Kathleen mixed heavy work travel with full-timing in her 2019 Travato for a while before deciding to leave the corporate rat race behind. She’s been meandering around full-time in a variety of Winnebago RVs ever since, currently in a 2023 Travato. She loves meetups and started hosting some herself in 2022.

She created the Winnebago Compact Coach Meetups Facebook group soon thereafter to solve the challenges of welcoming a mix of small Cs and Bs. Her suggestion to show the Owner Organized Meetups & Rallies in an interactive map format turned into her prototyping that in Google Maps, before then coming onboard as a new Winnebago Ambassador to both maintain the meetup maps and support the GoLife Community.

Find the meetup maps here, and contact Kathleen for help on the maps or hosting meetups at [email protected].

Read more about the Compact Coach Meetups:

Sue Chambers 
Itasca Sundancer

Shortly before her retirement as a commercial pilot and flight instructor, Sue Chambers’ love affair with her Itasca Sundancer began in earnest. In the past 19 years, she has racked up nearly 90,000 miles touring the West, Midwest, and northern Mexico. She has actively served on the executive boards for CalWIT, the Southwest Regional Rally, and the Chardonnay Travelers.

When asked why she keeps volunteering she replied that it is always gratifying to help plan events and watch old and new-found friends enjoy the activities. And, as a solo “flyer,” it really helps to have the support and knowledge of fellow travelers.

For events in California, join the Facebook group Sue created "California Winnebago Groups/Events" or visit


Winnebago GoLife Blog Contributors

These Winnebago owners will also be sharing their stories and insights on the blog. You can follow along with their individual journeys to learn more!

  • Kelly Laustsen & David Somach (, @GnarWagon) – Revel Owners
  • Diego Bianco ( – Solis Owner
  • Sue Ann Jaffarian ( – Travato Owner
  • Celia & John Waterhouse (, @THEREVELCLUB) – Revel Owners
  • Tanya & Dave Virnelli (, @LetsTurnItUpWorld on YouTube and Instagram) – EKKO Owners
  • Christian Gilbert (@44north93west) – Solis Owner 
  • Bob Kelly (admin of the View/Navion Motorhomes Facebook/GoLife Community group) – View Owner
  • Terry Sue Boney (VP of Rallies for the Winnie Bs GoLife Community group) – Travato Owner
  • Jason & Michelle Rodarte (@EKKONesters) – EKKO Owners


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User commented on April 16, 2023 12:05 PM
Awesome! Love your Ambassadors!
User commented on April 16, 2023 2:36 PM
No one in a View? How about a retired couple. I’d love to follow someone like that.
User commented on April 18, 2023 11:00 PM
Great suggestions! As you know, Winnebago has quite a few RV models across the towables and motorhomes product lines, and it’s hard to cover them all! While the Newstate Nomads are currently touring the national parks in a Vista, they used to travel in a Navion. Many of our ambassadors have also owned multiple Winnebago models so instead of choosing ambassadors based on the vehicle they drive, we have a long list of other factors that are important to us. We’re always on the lookout for new ambassadors who are engaged with the community while also having a strong social media following. Thanks for your suggestions! -Winnebago Blog Team
User commented on April 16, 2023 11:09 PM
How does one become a "Winnebago Ambasador"?
User commented on April 18, 2023 11:09 PM
Thanks for asking! Winnebago is regularly scouring the Winnebago community and various social media channels for active Winnebago owners with a strong social following who are committed to growing the community. While we aren’t accepting any new ambassador candidates at this time, we’ll be thinking about next year’s program later this year and will reach out directly to those we believe would be a good fit.