Tour Winnebago’s eRV2 & Learn What It’s Like to Travel in this All-Electric Van!
Watch the “RV Cribs” episode featuring the eRV2 and get more insider insights.

By: GoLife Staff

Have you been following along with the exciting updates on Winnebago’s all-electric eRV2 prototype? Learn even more by watching this detailed walk-through video and reading insights from actual RVers who spent time living in the eRV2 as part of the extensive pilot testing program!

Tour the eRV2 in an Episode of RV Cribs by Sun Outdoors

Sun Outdoors is the campground organization Winnebago worked with as the home base for the eRV2 pilot testing program. As part of their “RV Cribs” series, get a tour inside the eRV2 – with its smart space-maximizing features and cozy design aspects. Plus, learn about the impressive technology that powers the eRV2 and how that translates to actual livability.

RVers Weigh-In on the All-Electric eRV2

If you are signed up for the eRV2 update emails, you already know that the prototype went through extensive user testing – with more than 25,000 miles logged. We asked a few of our Winnebago Ambassadors who spent time in the eRV2 prototype to share some highlights and insights. 

Learn more about the Winnebago eRV2 prototype pilot program in this video.

“A positive glimpse into the future of RVing.” - Brian & Becca Roy of Supercharged Camper

Brian and Becca, long-time electric vehicle users, noted some of their favorite features were:

  • Simple Controls: “A generously oversized touchscreen allowed you to operate and customize the onboard systems. Coupled with being app supported, you have complete control over the eRV2 from inside and outside your camper.”
  • Large Solar-Powered House Battery: “The enormous 15kWh onboard house battery can be replenished via the integrated solar panels or via a j1772 EV charger. This capacity proved to be plenty when powering our adventures for days on end with nothing more needed than a clear sky from time to time to charge those house batteries.”
  • Surprising Storage: “As soon as we stepped into the eRV2 we were very impressed with the layout and how efficiently the space was used (lots of storage in a small space).”
  • Vehicle Efficiency: “The surprisingly efficient eRV2 (we saw an average of 1.7miles/kWh) enabled us to visit multiple campgrounds and cover thousands of miles during our time with the camper.” 

“From the quick pickup of the electric drivetrain to gliding into campgrounds silently, the eRV2 was a positive glimpse into the future of RVing.”

“This is a floorplan we could full-time in.” - Noel Fleming & Chris Miller

Noel and Chris shared these highlights from their testing experience: 

  • Efficient Floorplan: “The compact efficient design incorporates dual workspaces and a cozy banquet in a van that measures less than twenty feet.”
  • Impressive Battery Life: “The coach battery life was beyond impressive. There was rarely a need to even consider charging.”
  • Enjoyable Drive: “The design elements of the coach coupled with the electric chassis provide a quiet yet powerful driving experience.”

“We can’t wait to see how Winnebago delves into the user feedback and incorporates changes into the next eRV iteration.”

“What a unique and exciting van!”- James & Stef Adinaro of The Fit RV

James and Stef noted some of their favorite features were:

  • An Office Area Up Front: “James works remotely in IT, so that space got a lot of use during our week in the eRV2! 
  • Drivability: “We also love how well the eRV2 drives. Quiet and responsive in that unique way electric vehicles have … we fought over who got to drive!”
  • Speed of Charging the House Battery: “Being able to charge a campervan battery with a Level 2 charger was super-fast and unexpected.”

First-Timer EV Usage Insights from James & Stef

“This was our first time with an electric vehicle of any kind, and we learned a lot about all the unique EV logistics like finding chargers, planning routes, having range anxiety, etc. 

There’s no doubt EVs are the future and we’re all in, but there’s still a long way to go in battery tech, charger infrastructure, and most definitely charger speeds. 

Think of it like the very first cellphone ‘bagphones’ from decades ago. The tech seems primitive now, but back then it was exciting and futuristic and it paved the way for cellphones as we know them today!”

See a video review of their test camping experience here.

To learn more about the eRV2 prototype and sign up for updates, click here.

What aspect of Winnebago’s eRV2 are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments!


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User commented on July 23, 2023 11:35 AM
So far, all I read about the solar panels is they are for the house battery. Would be nice if they would be switchable to the drive battery when driving. Might extend the range a little. Would also be nice if the RV was available for people to buy now. Just a thought. (although, I didn't check today if it still isn't.) Will when I'm done here.
User commented on July 23, 2023 12:32 PM
I want to change my GMC at the earliest for the EV Thank
User commented on July 24, 2023 4:09 AM
I am most excited about the mass production of these RVs with 200+ miles assured between charges. Hope to see one at the Pomona RV Show in October 2023.
User commented on July 24, 2023 10:55 AM
Our batteries died as we didn’t have enuf sun for solar charging at Silver Mtn. In Kellogg Idaho last March and couldn’t bring our slideout in for an hour but everything was back to normal after an hour of starting the car and letting it run and it is a 2020 Winnebago Vita. When will electric Vitas be produced?
User commented on September 17, 2023 8:52 PM
So excited to see you get this on to the open market for sale. Currently not an RVer but looking forward to doing the open road thing. Proud to say that our 2008 Smart Passion Cabriolet has 250,000 miles on it and has been to the top of Pike's Peak along with Rt 66 and many other wonderful destinations. Thanks for your hard work in developing EVR2! Sunny Moon...