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Off-grid, off-road RVs that will make your wildest dreams come true.


Every off-road camper in our Backcountry Series is purpose-built for continuous off-road, off-grid RV camping. They offer sanctuary in the wilderness with the comfort and convenience of modern living, so you can confidently immerse yourself in remote places where epic stories and lifelong memories are born. See them in action in the video below and explore which RV is right for you.

Our Backcountry Series doesn't mess around.

Equipped to go off the beaten trail.

Wheels of a Winnebago motorhome

Head Off-Road Confidently

When it comes to exploring the backcountry, traversing rough terrain is part of the fun. So these all-terrain RVs are built with the ground clearance you need, AWD capabilities (Revel + EKKO), durable suspension systems and tires that give you grip even in rugged conditions.


Aerial overview of Revel camper van

Reliable Off-Grid Power

For the off-grid comfort and convenience you want, you need dependable power sources for appliances, charging devices and lights. So these off-grid campers are equipped with solar panels, auxiliary batteries or built-in generators, to keep you powered up in even the most remote locations.

Interior of a Winnebago motorhome

Enjoy Comfort in the Wild

No one ever said rugged adventures can’t be comfortable, too. So we make sure you are set with comfortable bedding, climate control systems and kitchens that function, well, like kitchens. It all comes together to make your off-grid experience better than ever.

Man sitting at the table inside a Winnebago motorhome

Live How You Want with Versatile Layouts

Each of our Backcountry RVs takes efficient use of space to the next level. Designed and built with versatile layouts that maximize storage, sleeping areas, cooking areas and living space with plenty of room for you to comfortably move around and do what you love and need to do.

Bathroom of a Winnebago motorhome

Fresh Water on the Go

There are essentials that make backcountry adventures possible. And water is right up there. So we made sure each of these RVs give you the water storage and plumbing features needed to give you access to clean water for drinking, cooking and even showering while on the road.

Family making a fire around a Winnebago motorhome

Come Together in Nature

Heading off-grid is about more than connecting with nature. It’s about connecting with each other. And these RVs have the features to make coming together easy and comfortable, including features like outdoor cooking areas, awnings to gather in the elements and seating arrangements that love social time.

Meet the Backcountry Series

Explore our off-road, off-grid RVs that bring more comfort to your wild adventures.

Winnebago Solis NPF camper van

Solis NPF

Class B built for off-grid van life

Versatile layouts to live, work and entertain remotely

Smart storage solutions

Areas to gather, inside and out

Well-equipped small RV with bathroom

Sleeps up to 4 with room to rest and relax

Power sources for off-grid boondocking

Winnebago EKKO camper van


Efficient off-road, off-grid boondocking RV

AWD to conquer hard terrain

Versatile layout to live, work and entertain

Spacious gear garage

Comfort to relax, unwind and recharge in style

Well equipped small RV with bathroom

Batwing awning provides three sides of covered exterior hang out space

Revel camper van with Selenite exterior


Rugged off-grid camper van that sleeps 2

Sprinter chassis RV with AWD to conquer hard terrain

Winnebago Power Max System and water capacity for boondocking

Smart solutions haul all your gear

Rugged tires take you where you want to go

Well-equipped small RV with bathroom

Class B RV with plenty of room to rest and relax in style

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